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50 Midland Shooting Star Seeds

50 Midland Shooting Star Seeds

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This native spring wildflower from central and eastern u.S. Is generally found growing in meadows, prairies, and open woods. These form a mound of leaves about 8" Across. In early spring they shoot up stalks full of 1" pink/purple flowers.

Blooms April, May June. It is frequently used as a garden ornamental and received the royal horticulture society’s award of garden merit in 1993. Use shooting star in shady native plant or wildflower gardens, woodland gardens, or naturalizing.

It combines well with other native spring wildflowers. This plant will go dormant mid-summer through early spring.50+ seeds per order.

Some American native wildflower seeds need to go through a cold winter to germinate. This plant is one of them. They do this so the seed won’t sprout in fall, only to have the seedling not make it through a cold winter. I have stratified these seeds to simulate a cold winter(stratification) which raises the germination rate considerably.

Part sun / full sun(soil can't dry out) / shade
Spring, soil temp 65f+.
Sow-3/4 seeds per, press into the soil(needs light to germ), about 8" Apart. Keep moist.
Germination 10-21 days.
Thin to single best seedling. Use scissors to cut out unwanted sprouts.
Medium water. Light fertilizer(if needed).
Height 12" x 8" wide.
The flowers are pink/purple/white. Blooms April, May, June.

Note- this plant will go dormant mid-summer through early spring.

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