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50 Lithops Seeds - Mix

50 Lithops Seeds - Mix

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A random mix of many Lithops species is included in these packs. Lithops are one of the Mesembryanthemums included in the range of plants described as living stones, each evolved to mimic the rock types where they are found.

They will all grow approx 3cm tall with indefinite growth laterally.

Minimum temperature should be around 10°C


The seed of the stone flower is small and generally broadcast. When spreading, try to be as uniform as possible. Don't let the seeds get together. Sprinkle 150-200 grains in 10 × 10 cm pots. Do not use too much.

Too many seedlings are dense, affecting the ventilation and light transmission. They also compete with each other for water and fertilizer, resulting in inconsistent growth, size differentiation, malformation, and even death.

On the other hand, if too little, the matrix will dry and wet slowly and it will easily cause rot. Therefore, it is very important to choose a flower pot with the right size. After sowing, a thin layer of vermiculite or river sand is sprinkled on the surface in order to prevent the seedlings from lodging after unearthing and effectively prevent the breeding of moss and green algae.

Finally, water was sprayed again to make the seed and matrix fully in contact (Figure 6). After the seeds are sown, they should be covered with glass or film on the pot, placed at a temperature of 22-26 °C, waiting for germination. No watering is needed here.


If the temperature is right, the seeds will germinate one after another 30-45 days after sowing. You will see green seedlings on the surface. Although it may seem sparse, it will soon grow full of flower pots.

At this time, the pots should be placed in a place where light is scattered to allow the seedlings to receive light. After a few days, when most of the seedlings grow, it is necessary to gradually uncover the cover and increase ventilation and light.

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