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50 Japanese Silver Grass Seeds

50 Japanese Silver Grass Seeds

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Japanese Silver Grass Seeds - Miscanthus Sinensis " Varigatus "

This is a tall grass that will form clumps that spread slowly. This cultivar of Japanese silver grass (maiden grass) has a distinctive, whitish band along each margin of the leaves, displaying a variegated effect.
The leaves are upright at the base and arching at the tip and provide an attractive arching effect. The pink flowers are produced in late summer. These can be used for drying or as a dye plant. The plant will adapt to many soil types but does prefer full sun.
The foliage turns brown in winter but the flowers remain effective and add interest to the winter landscape. In shaded conditions or fertile soil, staking may be necessary.

Hardiness Zones: 4 to 9
Height: 7 ft Spread: 2 ft

Medicinal use: The juice of young stems is used to disperse poisons, dissolve blood clots, dissipate extravasated blood, and remove inflammation. The plant is diuretic and refrigerant.
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