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50 Italian Eggplant Rosa Bianca Seeds

50 Italian Eggplant Rosa Bianca Seeds

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Organic Italian Eggplant Rosa Bianca Solanum Vegetable Seeds

This gourmet eggplant has a creamy, sweet, & delicate flavor. I had just tried them for the first time last summer and fell head over heels in love! They are very tender and are never bitter!

Rosa Bianca is an heirloom variety, and the skin has beautiful marbling. They are a rounded oval-shaped fruit and are a perfect size for stuffing. (Typically about 4-6” around.) Just thinking about it is making me crave Eggplant Parmesan Italian style!

Name: Italian Eggplant Rosa Bianca - Mofga Certified Organic
Scientific Name: Solanum Melongena Var. Esculentum
Color: White & Purple
Plant Seeds: Outdoors After Frost / Indoors Weeks Before Last Frost
Harvest: 80 Days
Plant Height: 24 - 36"
Plant Spacing: 24 - 36"
Light Requirements: Sun
Soil and Water Preferences: Average

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