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50 Giant Atter Bamboo Seeds

50 Giant Atter Bamboo Seeds

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Bamboo is one of the easiest to grow plants it’s incredibly cold-hardy, growing in zones 3-9 and withstanding temperatures as cold as -20° F.

It’s harsh sunlight tolerant and can endure heat and drought conditions. In fact, its leaves won’t curl up and shrivel due to lack of water, unlike other needy bamboo varieties.

With a great range of uses and a broad selection of habitats, bamboo is regarded as one of the most beneficial plants you can buy.

Bamboo deserves a modest introduction before we proceed to answer why it is undoubtedly the world’s most influential plant.

Bamboo is a woody, perennial evergreen plant which happens to be part of the true grass family. Despite the fact they can grow to tower heights, bamboo is not actually considered a tree.

Keeping the world’s fastest-growing plants from overtaking your yard had always been a problem with previous bamboo varieties.

Bamboo is the fastest growing privacy plant you can find, and it takes up very little room in your yard. It can grow as much as 10-12 feet a year!

Plant every 3 or 4 feet for a quick, dense privacy screen. And your bamboo stays where you want it, too!

Height: 15 - 22 m
Diameter: 5 - 10 cm
Growth Habit: Dense Clumper
Climate: Tropical - Subtropical
Hardiness: -2°C
Cultivating Difficulty: Easy
Growth Habit: Clumping
Soil pH: Neutral
Soil Type: Loam, Peat, Saline, Sand
Sunlight: Full Sun, Low Sun, Medium Sun
Season of Interest: Fall, Spring, Summer
Life Cycle: Perennial
Climate: Cold, Dry, Sub-tropic, Tropical Wet, Tropical Wet & Dry

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