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50 European Mountain Ash Tree Seeds

50 European Mountain Ash Tree Seeds

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Rowan, (European Mountain Ash), Sorbus aucuparia, Tree Seeds

European Mountain Ash Sorbus aucuparia is a species of the genus Sorbus, native to most of Europe except for the far south, and northern Asia.

In the south of its range in the Mediterranean region, it is confined to high altitudes in mountains. A beautiful tree at its best, of rounded oval habit when mature with dark green leaves that turn yellow, red, or purple in the fall.

The white flowers in clusters to 5" in May are unpleasantly scented. It doesn't like harsh conditions and excessive heat, which tends toward disease problems.

Zone: 3 to 7
Growth Rate: Fast
Plant Type: Deciduous large shrub or small tree
Family: Rosaceae
Native Range: Europe and Asia
Height: 20 to 40 feet
Spread: 8 to 20 feet
Shape: Upright oval crown, usually rounding and opening with age.
Bloom Time: May
Bloom Color: White
Flower/Fruit: Lovely small white flowers that are borne in 4-inch clusters followed by1/4-inch orange berries.
Sun: Full Sun
Fall Color: Yellow to reddish-purple
Water: Medium

Maintenance: Medium
Site Requirements/ Soil Tolerances: Best grown in moist, acidic, well-drained soils in full sun. As the common name suggests, this is a tree of cool mountain climates that dislikes hot and humid summers.

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