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50 Coustralee Tomato Seeds

50 Coustralee Tomato Seeds

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Coustralee Tomato Seeds

This French heirloom produces huge red ribbed tomatoes that have intense, balanced, old-fashioned tomato flavor. Fruits are typically 4 inches across.

Botanical Name: Solanum Lycopersicum
Seed Type: Non-gmo
Seed Origin: United States
Germination Rate: 85%
Germination Tested: 3/20
Days to Maturity: 85

The tomato is native to western South America and Central America. Native versions were small, like cherry tomatoes, and most likely yellow rather than red. While tomatoes are botanically berry type fruits, they are considered culinary vegetables.

The tomato plant belongs to the nightshade family, which includes eggplants, peppers, and potatoes. Tomatoes were also thought to be poisonous by Europeans who were suspicious of their bright, shiny fruit.

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