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50 Chinese Redbud (Cercis Chinensis) Seeds

50 Chinese Redbud (Cercis Chinensis) Seeds

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Chinese Redbud Tree Seeds (Cercis Chinensis)

Name: Chinese Redbud Tree Seeds
Scientific Name: Cercis Chinensis
Hardiness zone: 6 through 9
plant height: 8-17 feet
light requirements: full sun to part shade
soil & water preferences: well-drained soils.

Growing Instructions:

1. Scarification: Soak in hot water for 25mins
2. stratification: Cold stratification for 30 days by using a moist paper towel and ziplock bag and storing seeds in the refrigerator. Check every two weeks to make sure seeds are moist and that seeds are not molding. if there is a sign of mold, seeds should be soaked in 3:2 parts of water: bleach then rinsed with clean water and put back into cold stratification.
3. germination: sow seed 1/4" deep, pack/tamp the soil

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