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50 Chinese Elm Tree Seeds (Ulmus Parvifolia) Seeds

50 Chinese Elm Tree Seeds (Ulmus Parvifolia) Seeds

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Chinese Elm Tree Seeds (Ulmus parvifolia)

Name: Chinese Elm Tree Seeds
Scientific Name: Ulmus parvifolia
Leaf color: green deciduous broadleaf
Hardiness zone: 5 through 8
Plant height: 40-60 feet
Light requirements: Partial shade to full sun
Soil & water preferences Grow well in sandy loam or clay, well-drained, medium-wet soils.

Growing Instructions:
1. Scarification: Soak in water for 24 hours
2. stratification: cold stratify for 90 days. Check every two weeks to make sure seeds are moist and that seeds are not molding. if there is a sign of mold, seeds should be soaked in 3:2 parts of water: bleach then rinsed with clean water and put back into cold stratification.
3. germination: sow seed 1/16" deep, pack/tamp the soil, and keep moist; don't get the seed too wet during germination or it can rot.
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