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5 Tulip Flower Bulbs Mixed Perennials

5 Tulip Flower Bulbs Mixed Perennials

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Tulip Flower Bulbs Mixed Perennials | Zones 3-8 | Bulbs Size 10/11cm | All Sizes

A lovely rainbow mix of tulips for any garden. The Tulip Impression bulbs will be the toast to your tulips this year!

This is a random mixed batch of bulbs, we cannot guarantee a specific quantity of each color.

Plant the bulbs before the first deep frost, which hardens the grounds and makes it much more difficult to dig holes for the bulbs. The bulbs should be planted when the soil is still at least 60 degrees F.

Plan to plant the bulbs within a week after buying them. They shouldn't stay above the ground for too long. Don't plant the bulbs too early, or they might come up before the weather gets cold and die as soon as the frosts come.

They should lie dormant in the ground all winter and come up in the spring. Space the holes 4 to 6 inches apart, and dig them about 8 inches from the base of the bulb.

Season of Interest: Fall, Spring
Cultivating Difficulty: Moderate
Planting Time: Fall
Type: Bulbs
Growth Habit: Mat-Forming
Soil pH: Neutral
Soil Type: Chalk, Clay, Peat
Features: Flowering
Color: Multicolor
Sunlight: Full Sun
Genus: Tulipa
Common Name: Tulip
Life Cycle: Perennial
Watering: Medium

Quantity: 5 Tulip Flower Bulbs Mixed Perennials

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