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5 Red Mimosa Tree Seeds

5 Red Mimosa Tree Seeds

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Mimosa trees are a member of the Fabaceae family and are a popular ornamental tree in the home landscape. Also known as silk trees and Albizia silk trees, these beauties have a lovely feathery habit with wispy pink to rose aromatic flowers.

Mimosa is extremely hardy, drought-tolerant, and heat resistant. That means it thrives in the hot, dry South and outlasts cold temps up North. In the toughest conditions, it continues to attract wonderful wildlife like butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees.

So, there's nothing the Mimosa can't handle, blooming beautifully through it all.  From my own experience, in addition to being pretty and smelling wonderful, the mimosa trees that have been in my yard provided lots of great shade from the sun and are the center of attraction.

Ideal for USDA planting zones 6 through 9, this tree provides light shade and adds a lovely burst of color amongst other deciduous or evergreen trees, or when used as a specimen. The fringed foliage ranges from bright green to chocolate brown, depending on the variety.

Mimosa flowers are known for being more uplifting, energizing and anti-depressant.

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