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5 Red Abyssinian Banana Tree Seeds

5 Red Abyssinian Banana Tree Seeds

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Red Abyssinian Banana Tree Seeds

This Massive Banana whose trunk can reach 3' in diameter is a real botanical curiosity. It is unbelievably Fast Growing and has carmine Red undersides to the ribs of its Huge leaves. It can be used as a summer bedding plant in cooler environments. It can be brought indoors, or cut back and covered with mulch until it Quickly rises again in Spring. Ensete is a fast-growing banana plant, with an upright growth habit often reaching up to 12’ – 20’ feet tall. When provided ideal growing season conditions, the humungous plant may heighten up to 30’ – 40’ feet tall. The plant usually reaches this height in its native tropical lands only.

The leaves of the ensete are usually large, paddle-like, reaching up to 10’ – 20’ feet long and 2′ – 4’ feet wide. The foliage or leaf blade is quite dramatic, with a combination of deep red and intense green colors. The Abyssinian banana produces non-showy flowers during its bloom time. Besides this, the plant also produces dry and inedible fruiting of 3” inches long. The base of the flower stalk and roots are edible and cooked. The tropical plant enjoys full sun or part shade to prompt active new growth. The Abyssinian banana needs plenty of water, especially in the dry season.

The plant should not dry out between watering sessions. During cold, chilly weather conditions, the plant does well with infrequent watering as it is dormant at the time. A Very Rare & Beautiful Banana Plant. Ideal zones are 8-11. If your winters do not get down to 20 degrees F, you may be able to just cut them back as they die and cover them with a bit of mulch until Spring. Expect very fast growth once they start growing again.

Red Abyssinian Germination:

1) Soak seeds for 36 hours, changing the water daily.
2) Fill a clean 3" plastic pot with multi-purpose compost.
3) Pour boiling water over the compost to sterilize it, and allow it to drain.
4) Once the compost has cooled, push one seed into each pot as deep as the seed is large.
5) Use a heated propagator to keep the soil at 80+ F. Cover with plastic to help keep the compost moist at all times. "Warm & Wet is the Key"
6) As with any tropical or exotic seed, germination will be erratic. One or two may sprout within a few weeks, but most can take up to 6 months so don't toss them out. Check them periodically for fungus or mold. If found, use a copper-based fungicide the clean them off. Rinse them really well and replant them in new, "sterilized" compost.

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