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5 Rare Passiflora Popenovii | Perfect Passionfruit Seeds

5 Rare Passiflora Popenovii | Perfect Passionfruit Seeds

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Passiflora Popenovii - Perfect Passionfruit - Very Rare Seeds

Botanical Nomenclature: Passiflora popenovii
Common Nomenclature: Perfect Passionfruit
Family: Passifloraceae
Origin: Colombia and Ecuador
Luminosity: Full Sun, Partial Shading

The rare Passiflora popenovii produces arguably the most delicious fruit of all Passiflora. The translucent and very juicy flesh inside the bright yellow fruit is extremely sweet and has an exquisite, exotic, and perfumed flavor.

It was native to rainforests in Colombia and Ecuador between 500 and 1900 m (1600 and 6200 ft) but is believed to have gone extinct in the wild and only persists in cultivation locally.

It will easily adapt to being grown in a wide range of tropical and warm temperate climates. We think the Perfect Passionfruit has the potential to become far more popular than Passiflora edulis, which is a common sight in fruit markets worldwide.

  • Sun Exposure: Full sun from an early age
  • Light shade when young
  • Light shade in dry, hot climates
  • Frost Tolerance Light
  • Water Requirements: High
  • Wind Tolerance: Moderate
  • Growth Rate: Very fast
  • Growth Form: Climber
  • Ornamental Value: Beautiful
  • Gardening: Ornamental
  • Food/Medicinal: Edible Fruit
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