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5 Pistachio Tree Seeds

5 Pistachio Tree Seeds

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Pistachio Nut Tree Pistacia Vera Fruit Red Flowers Seeds

The Pistachio Tree is the source of the incredibly popular edible Pistachio Nut. Pistacia Vera is native to parts of Asia & the Middle East but is now grown commercially in many parts of the world.

The trees are slow-growing, & typically only reach 20' at most in cultivation. This desert plant tolerates drought well, & enjoys hot sunny conditions.

Name: Pistachio Tree
Scientific Name: Pistacia Vera
Color: Red Flowers / Yellow - Red Pistachios
Plant Seeds: Fall Sow Seeds or Cold Stratify
Bloom Time: Spring
Harvest: Fall
Hardiness Zone: 7 - 11
Plant Height: 20 - 30'
Plant Spacing: 20'
Light Requirements: Sun
Soil and Water Preferences: Average - Dry

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