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5 Oxalis Triangularis Fanny Bulbs Variegated False Shamrock Wood Sorrel

5 Oxalis Triangularis Fanny Bulbs Variegated False Shamrock Wood Sorrel

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Purple Oxalis Wood Sorrel Oxalis Triangularis Shamrock Clover Flowers

triple leaves in the shape of a triangle taste sour and have many useful properties. In natural conditions, sour is found on the territory of South Africa, in South and Central America, and also in Europe. In European countries, this plant is also called the "clover of happiness". The high popularity of sourdough among gardeners and flower growers is explained by the fact that it is a highly decorative and undemanding plant in care.

At the beginning of summer, Oxalis is covered with many small elegant flowers that resemble bells. In ideal conditions, the plant blooms profusely from June to September.

As for the leaves, in addition to their unusual shape, they have the property of closing after sunset, creating the impression of a moth that sat down on this elegant plant. No wonder this miracle has a rather romantic name - a butterfly flower. But with the appearance of the first rays of the sun, the plant wakes up, raising its "leaves-wings" to the sun and opens.

It has three (normally) purple heart-shaped leaves, which each have three sides, that sit symmetrically to one another at the end of every petiole (or "stem"). The overall effect is that they end up looking like a trio of butterflies joined together by their noses.

Oxalis triangularis looks extremely original both in a room on a windowsill and on a street flower bed. When the sky is overcast, the leaves on its flowers close together, resembling butterflies. In daylight, the sourdough pleases with lush flowering, strewn with bright flowers among unusual triangular leaves.

It is because of the threefold shape of the foliage that the plant is still heard as oxalis triangular. The shrub is stunted and does not exceed 50 cm in height. The leaves have different shades, the pigment of which depends equally on the variety and the conditions of its cultivation. Full-fledged lighting gives them rich, deep color, and lack of light leads to fading.

Flowers have a unique shape and structure. Inflorescences come in different colors: from white and yellow to all shades of pink and purple. An interesting feature is that the leaves close like an umbrella at night if disturbed or kept under harsh sunlight. White or pale pink five-petalled flowers also close at night.

Oxalis has medicinal properties. The aboveground part of the bush was used for scurvy, as well as for the treatment of wounds and ulcers, and also as an antidote for poisoning with mercury or arsenic. In alternative medicine, such properties of the flower as choleretic, wound healing, anthelmintic, anti-inflammatory, and diuretic have been widely used.

There is a sign that a planted sour in the house symbolizes well-being and peace in the family. According to popular beliefs, it has a special energy and prevents quarrels and quarrels.

It's poisonous to pets, although again it has a helpful magic trick by making the leaves taste awful. A little nibble of this plant and most pets won't be back for a second helping. You can therefore certainly grow them in homes with pets so don't let that put you off.

If however, you have a pet (or child) that nibbles houseplants it might be best to pick something else or make sure your Shamrock is out of reach.

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