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5 Licuala Seeds - Cordate Palm Tree

5 Licuala Seeds - Cordate Palm Tree

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Licuala Cordate Palm Tree Rare Perennial Organic Plants

Licuala is a very spectacular fan palm. An evergreen tree with large leaves on a thin and low stem will be a good decoration for a winter garden, greenhouse, office, as well as a large room.

The trunk is up to 3 m high, with a diameter of 6-10 cm, and looks attractive due to the dense cover of fibers - the remnants of the petioles of old leaves. No other fan palm has such spectacular, perfectly round, one-piece, corrugated fan leaves, as the large Likuala.

Slowly growing and very bright, it makes an indelible impression and remains quite compact even at a respectable age. The leaves are large - up to 60 cm in diameter, rounded, green, segmented - contain up to 30 leaves, glossy, massive, and form a spreading crown.

Each tree has 12-20 leaves on long, spiked petioles. Inflorescences are long, branched, and hanging, with many small, white flowers. After flowering, rounded red berries are formed. Likuala is a very beautiful palm tree.

It is decorated with large fan leaves, and the stem is thin, low. Such a plant will decorate any interior. The Likuala palm grows slowly, compact and beautiful. Therefore, it is often chosen for growing at home. However, in indoor conditions, this plant practically does not bloom.

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