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5 Jerusalem Artichoke Tubers for Planting

5 Jerusalem Artichoke Tubers for Planting

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Jerusalem Artichoke Tubers for Planting - White Sunchoke Sunroot Roots Bulbs

Jerusalem artichokes (aka Sunchokes) are a superfood. They are low in starch, and low glycemic, making them a healthy choice for diabetics. They can be consumed both raw and cooked.

The average size of a tuber is about the same size as your thumb, which is the perfect size for planting (see photo #2). Each tuber has multiple eyes.

These plants are very easy to cultivate. No maintenance. They do well in any soil type, are prolific, and are drought-hardy. Plant them about 4 inches deep, and about 2 feet apart.
They are slow to sprout in the Spring, but they will grow quickly once they get started. These plants will come back year after year unless you dig up all the tubers.

In addition to producing nutritious tubers, this vigorous plant grows 10 feet tall and produces beautiful yellow sunflowers in late Summer. Butterfly and pollinator magnets!

This variety of Jerusalem artichoke is “White Fuseau”
- white, crisp, sweet, delicious
- easy to peel
- very productive
- keeps in the fridge for weeks

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