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5 Fatsia Japonica Hardy Japanese Aralia Seeds

5 Fatsia Japonica Hardy Japanese Aralia Seeds

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Fatsia japonica HARDY JAPANESE ARALIA Seeds

The Japanese Fatsi is an evergreen shrub native to Japan. It has huge glossy 12 - 16" wide tropical-looking leaves. Perched on top of upright stems, each leaf has 8 deep lobes. In old Japanese, fatsia meant eight, hence the name.

These plants are very ornamental! On top of the wonderful foliage, they also have ringed trunks & lovely clusters of white flowers in round balls. Bees & butterflies enjoy the flowers, & birds love to eat the showy ornamental berries later in the season.

The Fatsia doesn’t mind being pruned to a smaller size, so can be grown in containers & they make a wonderful houseplant or bonsai tree.

Name: Japanese Fatsi
Other Common Names: Paper plant / Japanese Aralia
Scientific Name: Fatsia Japonica Syn. Aralia Japonica
Color: White Flowers & Black Berries
Plant Seeds: When Soil Temp Warms to 70f
Bloom Time: Flowers Late Summer - Mid Winter
Harvest: Flowers Turn to Ornamental Berries
Hardiness Zone: 7 - 11
Plant Height: 8 - 16'
Plant Spacing: 10 - 12'
Light Requirements: Sun - Part Shade
Soil & Water Preferences: Average

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