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40 American Purple Beauty Berry Seeds

40 American Purple Beauty Berry Seeds

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The Beautyberry Shrub is native to The US, Mexico, & some of The Caribbean Islands. It is able to tolerate moist or dry locations, making it easy to care for. Beautyberry is grown primarily as an ornamental & for its value to wildlife.

Its lovely arching branches provide habitat, & the large clusters of berries from fall to winter are a favorite of squirrels & birds including cardinals, mockingbirds, finches, woodpeckers, bobwhites, and more.

Name: Beautyberry
Other Common Names: American Beauty Berry / French Mulberry / Beauty Bush
Scientific Name: Callicarpa Americana
Color: Pink Flowers / Purple Berries
Plant Seeds: Outdoors After Frost / Indoors Weeks Before Last Frost
Bloom Time: Flowers May – June / Berries Sept-oct
Hardiness Zone: 6 - 10
Plant Height: 6 - 8'
Plant Spacing: 6 - 8'
Light Requirements: Sun - Part Shade
Soil & Water Preferences: Average

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