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30 Cyclamen Hederifolium Seeds

30 Cyclamen Hederifolium Seeds

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Cyclamen Hederifolium is a hardy perennial. Blooms late July/ early August thru October in the Northern hemisphere. These seeds were grown in Western Washington USA.  These are best sown indoors anytime. Outdoors are best sown with spring rains or late summer rains.

They must stay moist. They are from parent plants of pink blossoms. The seeds will need to be thoroughly soaked and rinsed prior to sowing to remove their natural germination inhibiting hormone coating. Seeds should be covered with approx. twice the depth of the seed diameter with moist, light well-draining seed starting soil and kept at about 60 to 70 degrees F. They should be kept away from light during the germination process. Light inhibits germination.

Germination should occur in 3 to 8 weeks. seeds germinated in summer/early fall will produce one leaf that should last and grow through the winter. Move the newly germinated seeds to a brightly lit but partially shaded environment. The first blossoms will appear in 2 to 3 years.

The life span can be 100 years. Your patience will be greatly rewarded with lovely, delicate-looking, long-lasting blossoms and long-lasting, lovely, leaves with varied green shades. Good for USDA zones 5-9, winter lows 30F to -15F.

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