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20 Organic Japanese Tokiwa Tokyo Cucumber Seeds

20 Organic Japanese Tokiwa Tokyo Cucumber Seeds

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Organic Japanese Tokiwa Tokyo Green Cucumber 

Tokiwa - Cucumis Sativus - Kitazawa also known as ‘Tokyo green’, this uniform, dark green variety grows 1.5” in diameter and 9-10” long and has small spines. Retains good flavor when large. Expect high yields. Mature in 55-60 days.

Best grown with trellis, arbor, or chain link fence support, so the cukes won’t curl too much. Galvanized meshed wire 4x4 grid size is quite useful too (so hands can go in & out easily), ditto for 4’x16’ cattle panels for serious cuke growers.

Cultivating Difficulty: Very Easy
Type: Vegetable Seeds
Soil Type: Loam
Features: Fast Growing, Open-Pollinating
Color: Green, Multicolor, Yellow
Climate: Tropical Wet & Dry
Sunlight: Full Sun
Genus: Cucumis
Life Cycle: Annual
Common Name: Cucumber
Watering: Heavy

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