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100 Hardy Mini Cocktail Kiwi Seeds

100 Hardy Mini Cocktail Kiwi Seeds

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Hardy Mini Cocktail Kiwi, Actinidia arguta, Vine Seeds

Actinidia arguta, commonly known as Hardi Kiwi is a fast-growing, deciduous, woody vine that grows 25 to 30 feet. It is grown for its foliage and edible fruit. Foliage is lustrous dark green throughout the growing season.

The serrated leaves are elongated and can be 2 to 5 inches long. In spring, small greenish-white flowers appear in small clusters and are slightly fragrant. Smooth-skinned 1-inch kiwi fruits (the size of grapes) are followed by the flowers, ripening in early fall.

If you are a fan of the fuzzy kiwis, (Actinidia deliciosa) you see in the grocery store but live in a cooler climate, the Hardy Kiwi can be a great choice for your garden. These little fruits have a similar taste but are hairless, (can be eaten without peeling), sweeter, and tolerate colder temperatures.

The Hardy Kiwi can withstand temperatures as low as -25 degrees Fahrenheit. The plant needs around 150 frost-free days for its fruits to mature and ripen. The Hardy Kiwi can be successfully grown in containers and can be brought indoors by growers in colder areas. If expecting a sudden drop in temperature in Fall or Spring, it is best to protect your plants by covering them or bringing them indoors. The Hardy Kiwi is dioecious and the flowers are male or female. You will need at least one of each for fruit set on the female. Hardy Kiwi plants usually bear fruit at three to four years old.

Other Names: Dessert Kiwi, Yang-tao, Hardy Kiwifruit, Cocktail kiwi, Baby Kiwi, Tara Vine, Kiwi Berry, Northern Kiwi, Bower Actinidia, Arctic Kiwi, Grape Kiwi.
Zone: 4 to 8
Growth Rate: Fast
Plant Type: Deciduous, Woody Vine
Family: Actinidiaceae
Native Range: China, Japan, Korea, and Siberia
Height: 25 to 30 feet
Spread: 7 to 20 feet
Bloom Time: May
Bloom Color: Greenish White
Sun: Full Sun to Part Shade
Fall Color: Yellow
Water: Medium
Maintenance: Medium

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