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10 Mexican Petunia Fresh Cuttings

10 Mexican Petunia Fresh Cuttings

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Mexican Petunia Ruellia Brittoniana Perennial Plants

A Mexican petunia, (Ruellia), is easy to grow under most conditions. These plants will produce blooms in almost any type of soil and are resistant to both drought and wet conditions as well.

Mexican petunias are perennial shrubs, which can grow as tall as three feet, but in cold climates, Mexican petunias can be grown as annuals that must be replanted every year. With minimal care and supervision, these plants produce attractive, tubular flowers which are generally purple in color, and similar in appearance to common petunias—even though the two plants are not related.

These plants are very attractive to butterflies including Malachite & Buckeye and hummingbirds, which makes them popular choices in many yards.

Care: Ruellia craves a warm climate. In hot humid south Florida, I plant in partial shade and fertile, consistently moist, but well-drained soil. Up north they can take more sun.

Propagation: Seed or softwood cuttings in spring. Self-sows aggressively if conditions are right. They will fill in a bed in no time!

Quantity: 10 Healthy Fresh Cuttings

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