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10 Giant Lobelia Seeds

10 Giant Lobelia Seeds

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Lobelia telekii - Very Unusual Giant Lobelia

Botanical nomenclature: lobelia telekii
Common name: giant lobelia, cousin it family Adams, cousin it lobelia
Family: Campanulaceae
Origin: tropical eastern Africa
Height: 1.50 - 3.50 meter
Brightness: full sun, partial shading
Climate: see description

A fantastic and very rare plant, a fascinating specimen, and special for collectors.

Lobelia is a common garden plant and is usually grown by its floriferous nature. As with most plants; There are also some species that surprise us, and that often causes us perplexity.

Lobelia is no exception, with its two copies (lobelia gregorian and lobelia telekii), also called vulgarly, as lobelias giant of the mountains of Africa.

The two species are lobelia telekii, commonly known as cousin it lobelia (lobelia primo it), in reference and resemblance to a fictional character in the series Adams family. This article was called the homage to Hungarian explorer Count Smarte Telekii, who led the first expedition to Mount Kenya.

Lobelia telekii inhabits the driest slopes, while its close relative (Gregorian lobelia) prefers the humid valleys.

This species is characterized by an infinity of fibers and films that produce in its maturity a giant inflorescence of 3 meters in height, protected by a mass of long proteins silvery and possibly pink.

Birds are the natural pollinators of flowers that are hidden between the large bracts inside the inflorescence of lobelia telekii. Like flowers are purple.

Lobelia telekii is native to the mountains of tropical East Africa, Mount Kenya, Mount Elgon, and the band of East African Aberdar.

It is a species semelópsea, that applies to its reproductive effort in the production of a single inflorescence. The secret species is a polysaccharide, which may be useful for their survival in the inhospitable environment of their habitat.

Lobelia telekii is already found in successful cultivation by some plant collectors.

A fabulous and very rare, fascinating plant for collectors and nature lovers.

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